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The Nadav Havakook Experience

Nadav HavakookThat’s Nadav Havakook; he’s a creative guy. His passions…music and photography.

Nadav expresses his music talents as a DJ in New York nightclubs and other venues as he travels the world. You might even catch him performing at Burning Man, the free form art fest that “happens” each year in the Nevada desert.

“I love it when people dance to my music and I get the rush when the energy is high and its because of a song I just played.”

The need to ramp up his music skills has now driven Nadav to start producing of his own music, “…i enjoy it very much, it’s a long process and there is much to learn but its great reading about it and getting more knowledgeable.” Nadav’s no stranger to this kind of learning challenge as he taught himself photography. If his success in that discipline is any indication, we could be in for a treat once he starts sharing his new music creations.

As a self taught photographer Nadav discovered his personal preference for “…capturing images of urbanscapes such as old buildings, architecture, interior design, and environmental portraits.”  A quick look at his portfolio verifies his preferences. Everyday people places and things are rendered as creative images of color, texture and design. If you look at enough of his work you will begin to feel like you know the guy. He’s really good at self-portraits and self-photographed group shots too.

So here’s a great way to appreciate this work, have the Nadav Havakook Experience, here’s how it works. Go to his DJ site and pick some music and let it play. Then, while the music plays, visit Nadav’s  photo site and browse through his photo’s, it’s an enriching experience and it might even inspire you on to your own creative expression.


Another Chair Image

Isolated Comfort


There’s Something Fascinating about Chairs

For some reason I like to photograph chairs. Chairs have an anthropomorphic quality to them. Chairs also exude their own character and personality. I have a friend who runs the Chair Academy. My mom was into chairs too, that’s probably where this all started. Anyway it’s fun (for me) to see the different  styles of chairs people select and how they are placed in different environments.


Orlando Magic 2Subtle?

This is the original photo taken in my hotel room during a recent trip to Orlando and posted on this blog.  When the image was first posted I modified it to add to the surreal nature of the image. It has been brought to my attention that the manipulation was too subtle (fine or delicate in meaning or intent; difficult to perceive or understand). Interesting point. This is something I deal with often. So does a person building a creative expression need to consider the audience and adjust the work accordingly, or not? As a person who dabbles in fearless expression, do you care if anyone “gets” your work?


Sketchbook Inspiration

See Some Great Sketchbooks Online

We all have choices about how we spend our time. With all the fun that can be had with our phones, mp3 players and future ipads it might seem hard to image why anyone would want to carry around a sketchbook. For the most part the tech devices are used to consume content.  A sketchbook on the other hand is an open invitation for creative expression. So think about balancing your content consumption with some content creation.

Check out the sites listed for some sketchbook inspiration. Artists’ Sketchbook Online (pictured above) is filled with a wide variety of creative work. The site navigation is a little confusing, but if you scroll down when you reach the site you will see sketchbook examples.

In the future… a post about digital sketchbooks. Later ra


Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic

Image from hotel room taken on recent trip to Orlando. Amazing what today’s digital cameras can capture.


Digital Doodle

Create pen and ink “doodle” drawing-10 minutes (including thinking time)
Creating digital rendering-4 hrs. (including time to explore options)

One of the reasons I enjoy working with pen and ink is that when I’m finished with a drawing, I sign it and it’s done. Next.

If I aspire to create a digital rendering it’s a different story. There are soooo many options for expression using current digital tools it can become a challenge to focus on a direction and execute.

I enjoy exploring different digital options as every tangent can lead to an image with a different feeling. Each exploration is also a learning experience and interacting with digital tools is fun. However, while exploring, it’s good to ask ourselves if we’re really exploring or are we putting off completion because we’re afraid to finish. You know the old fear of failure thing, can’t “fail” if it’s never finished. As creative people who strive for perfection, we sometimes need to become fearless, stop exploring and just deliver.

Is it just me or does this ever happen to you?


Teach Kids to Play in 3D

Three dimensional sketch with bright colors

Reading, writing and math…..guess what, we need to be introducing kids to the concept of expressing their ideas with 2D and 3D technology tools. We’re missing the proverbial boat when it comes to encouraging young (and older) people to develop and express their “crazy” ideas.

Unfortunately in the schools, this line of thinking gets placed under the heading of Art Class. Creative expression and art is not necessarily the same thing. We need to get better at offering creative expression opportunities. We need to identify those who have ideas, concepts and visions and give them the skills to express them. If we want to help make the world a better place to live, maybe we can start by planting and nurturing the seeds of imagination so we can share in the harvest of innovation and creative problem solving.

What do you think?


How to Design Build and Install an Atrium Sculpture in 1:33

My artist buddy Lyle London and I designed and built this stainless steel and glass sculpture for Renown Health in Reno, NV. Doing a project like this is a real trip! Have a look at this 1;33 document of the process.

Looking Up

Other info about the project on the www:

Reno News & Review

Renown Health

Fusion Studios


Temple Grandin-The Movie

Temple Grandin

Movie about Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who provides some serious inspiration for creative expression.

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